" The best performance I've ever been to"

We often hear that KIT puts on the best recitals and performances in the area. Our staff pours their hearts into creating a magical event that highlights each childs abilties and truely entertains each guest.

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2 Recitals Per Year

How we make recital fun and comfortable for everyone


 Our recitals are split into two separate performances-

OPENING ACT includes all our dancers ages 2-6, as well as some specialty performances. Minis sit with their parents in the audience for the entire recital and we call each class up to the stage to perform 1 at a time before they are escorted back into the audience to their chaperones.

HEADLINERS includes all of our dancers age 7 and up, as well as some specialty performances. Dancers in this performance will remain backstage in the dressing rooms for the entirety of the recital. Dancers and their chaperone/Parent will be given matching wristbands to ensure a smooth & safe check out process at the conclusion of the recital.

Other Performance Opportunities

OPPORTUNITIES KIT participates in numerous community performance events including parades, tree lightings and festivals. To learn how your dancer can participate in extra performances please email the studio


COMPETITION TEAMS Our comp teams have so much fun performing all throughout the year. To learn more about our comp family Click Here