Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

Class Descriptions and Dress Codes

Little ballerina girl in a pink tutu. Adorable child dancing classical ballet in a white s

Wiggles and Giggles

In Wiggles and Giggles  your childs creativity will blossom. These classes are tailored to getting our youngest dancers used to a class setting and routines. We build their techniques of stretching, balance and retention before moving around the room with fun imaginative action songs.These dancers also have the opportunity to participate in 2 recitals per year.

What to wear: Dancers typically wear comfotable stretchy clothing like stretchy pants, T shirt, leotards, tutu dresses, etc. The shoes required for this class aqre ballet shoes. 


Tap is an upbeat rythmic style of dance. Students will learn how to make music with their feet! Tap does not require flexibility but rather focus and determination to make the correct sounds.

What to wear: Comfortable movable clothing such as stretch pants or shorts and a shirt. Black shiny tap shoes are required for mini classes that include tap in the title and older dancers should purchase black non-shiny tap shoes.

Tap Dance Class



Jazz is an upbeat energetic style of dance. Students learn classical technique and stretches while exploring fun tricks such as kicks, turns, and jumps. While listening to todays popular age appropriate music students focus on gaining flexibility stamina and strength.

What to wear: Comfortable movable clothing such as stretch pants or shorts and a shirt, unitard or leotard. Dncers should have tan jazz shoes.


Ballet is a Beautiful, enchanting style of dance that teaches students structure, posture, balance, flexibility, body alignment, storytelling amoung many other things.  Having ballet training helps with all styles of dance because and we teach the fundamentals to even our youngest dancers. 

What to wear: Younger dancers are welcome to wear tutu dresses and colorful leotard and tights. Older students should wear a black leotard and pink tights with hair pulled back. Please purchase pink ballet shoes (traditionally boys wear black).

Ballet Dancer

Lyrical and Contemporary

Lyrical and Contemporary have many similarities and can often be mistaken for one another. However at KIT contemporary is noteably funkier, and more raw. Both styles focus on lines, flexibility, turns, emotion and storytelling. It's the perfect outlet for students who want to express themselves for dance and really connect to the messasge of the music.

What to wear: Comfortable movable clothing such as stretch pants or shorts and a shirt, unitard or leotard.

Dancers should wear tan half sole dance shoes.

Junior Hip Hop Team.JPG

Hip Hop

Hip Hop allows students to burn off some energy to their favorite popular music. Our teachers keep students engaged in class with popular dance moves, games, and fun choreography all while teaching the fundamentals, textures, levels and history of hip hop.

What to wear: It is perfectly acceptable to wear baggier clothes and layers that are movable. No jeans or restrictive clothing. To keep our floors clean and germ free we ask that students do not wear sneaker in class but rather dance barefoot for hip hop.



Acrobatics is the perfect mix of gymnastics and dance. No bars or beams, focus on fun floor skills! Students will learn skills such as handstands, cartwheels, rolls, balancing poses, backbends, walkovers and more as they progress. Our teachers patiently teach children the safe and correct body placement for each skill and help them improve their flexibility.

What to wear: Stretch comfortable clothing like unitards, leotards, leggings, sports bras etc. No shoes are required for acro so that dancers have the best grip of the mat and floor.